Your favorite is no longer available ... Opt for a reproduction!

By offering you my works I wanted to leave a choice between: Acquire the original work or reproduction

  • THE ORIGINAL WORK : Is a unique painting painted by my hands. It is signed and then countersigned, numbered and dated at the back of the canvas. A protective varnish is applied in 2 coats. A certificate of authenticity is given to the buyer.
  • THE REPRODUCTION : In a limited edition of 30 (all materials combined) is a high definition four-color printing that can be produced on:
    • CANVAS of painter mounted on quality frame, printed edges.
    • ALU COMPOSITE (alupanel-Dibond...) thickness 3 mm. Rigid appearance that gives a touch of modernism.
    • PLEXIGLASS 3 or 4 mm thick (depending on the dimensions), with indirect rear impression which creates a very "classy" depth effect

Enjoy your visit, thank you very much.