Painter ! Is this the culmination of a life as a craftsman? ... Maybe? ... In any case, it is my choice.

In any case, it is my choice.

I was born in 1954 and I always remember this afternoon, in CE2 class, busy reproducing a plane tree leaf. The "teacher" found my drawing pretty and displayed it on the classroom wall. I was angry with him because I would have liked, like my classmates, to show it to my family when I got home from school.

Painting and music rocked my adolescence. Between concerts, 45 laps (we were still on vinyl) and painting exhibitions, the choice was difficult .... Painting won the battle.

At 26, self-taught, I began my career as an artisan, letter painter - decorator. I have spent my entire career creating signs, decorations and frescoes of all sizes throughout France.

Now my kids have taken over the family business and here I am retired.

Retired ... yes! but always brushes in hand! Entrepreneurship, creation and sharing is my life! travel across France is now done from one exhibition to the next.

My field of predilection is realism, I like portraits for the "challenge" side, but I also like to wander towards other styles such as abstract, figurative or pop art.

My name is Vincent BRUNO and I sign my works "Choup" that's what my wife calls me !

What a joy to see the eyes of people touched by one of my achievements.

In front of the pages of this site I will not see your gaze but I hope to reach your heart ...


By offering you my paintings I wanted to leave a choice between: Acquire the original work or a reproduction of this work.

- The original work : is a unique painting made with my hands. It is signed and then countersigned, numbered and dated at the back of the canvas. A protective varnish is applied in 2 coats. The certificate of authenticity is given to the buyer.

- The reproduction : In limited edition, is a high definition four-color printing that can be made on canvas or composite aluminum 3 mm or plexiglass 4 or 5 mm depending on the dimensions.

Ah! a little reminder to my friends, craftsmen, traders, liberal professions, SMEs, manufacturers ... The purchase of a work of art from a living artist allows an advantageous tax exemption and helps to help artists. So don't wait until I'm dead, bring art into your business !

Enjoy your visit, thank you very much.